Getting around in a wheelchair

So the other day on facebook I came across this video about a man with cerebal palsy who uses a wheelchair trying to get around NYC.

It is worth a watch. This is the reality that Sam and so many others live with everyday, a reality that most (including us before we had Sam) never give a second thought to.

We are lucky that we can still lift and carry Sam, which we have to do nearly every time we go pretty much anywhere. Accessible entrances tend to be way out of the way, detours almost always have to be taken. We always need to leave plenty of extra time to get to our destination knowing that it will rarely be straightforward or easy.

Other than school, we almost never use the motorized wheelchair because there are very few places that are accessible enough for it. We can’t lift it like the manual one so even a small bump on ramp or sidewalk makes it inaccessible for him.

This is part of the reason we are trying to do as much as possible with Sam now, while he is still small enough to carry. Once we can no longer lift him, his world suddenly becomes much, much smaller.


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