First Day of First Grade


Today was Sam’s first day of first grade. I spent much of the day sorting through paperwork that had been neglected all summer, impossible to get to with 3 kids at home. One form, the ‘Tell me about your child’ form that we get at the start of the new school year for each of our children had me particularly stumped. While easy to fill out for our other two children, I couldn’t get past the first question for Sam and have kept coming back to it over and over today.

“Do you have any specific goals for this year?”, ummmmmm………to survive? I kept thinking every time I came back to the form, the only goals I have for Sam is to enjoy school and to literally live to see second grade. Nothing else matters. I am pretty sure that is not the information the teacher is looking for, but I have nothing else to give her. I know I am overthinking this. I know it is meant to give insights into your child’s personality for kids who don’t have multiple aides to fill in the gaps. I know I am being overly sensitive because the house is empty and I don’t have the distractions of the kids to keep my thoughts in check. I also know she doesn’t really need the form because Sam has an amazing team of aides that love him and know his personality as well as we do.

In the end I have decided not to fill out the form at all. I am sure the teacher understands that our objectives for Sam are not like anyone else’s. That Sam’s reason for being in school is not to learn to read or to multiply (though these are added bonuses), but to have as normal a childhood as possible. To make friends and have fun, to be independent and to feel a part of something for as long as he can.

Sam did have a wonderful first day of first grade. He came home saying he loved his teacher and made a new friend. A boy whose name he can’t remember.  A boy that I don’t know but love already because on the first day in a new school he chose our Sam to ask to be his friend. Sam, of course, said yes.


2 thoughts on “First Day of First Grade

  1. Thank you for your wonderful articulation of all of our lives living with this hideous disease 😘
    Our Johnny is loving his kinder year .Every day is a blessing x


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